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22 Eylül 2009 Salı

Facebook and privacy about your sexual orientation
I don't understand how this is new information or how it is exclusive to online privacy. Same thing goes for offline and it's not too hard to guess: men who have many gay friends MAY be gay. Then again, life is not statistics and there's always a possibility either way. So, until you actually come out, it's anybody's guess.
By the way, it's not ethical to out someone against their will out of revenge and their public homophobia is not a legitimate reason to do so, contrary to the popular belief. Straight people can be and often are openly homophobic too and that's not any more acceptable. So the way to go is to criticize and condemn homophobia, whoever it comes from, gay, bi or straight. That way, we can refrain from implying (and perpetuating the myth) that the main source of homophobia in the society is LGBT people themselves.
And, well, a simple solution to online privacy worries: limit your facebook profile. don't give too much information to people to whom you're not very close. better yet, do not add everyone if you're not comfortable, just because you know them. Even better, cut them off in real life, too, if you can. but seriously, if you don't tell them everything in real life and if you're disturbed if they know certain things about you, then put them on your limited profile list. Don't let them see your friend list and don't let them see your posts, if you wanna be comfortable, sharing info.
But above all, take a second look at your life and decide if you really want to keep hiding from people around you the whole time. Maybe you'd rather replace them with new people who won't judge you for who you are, or you'd give some of the people you know a chance to get to know the real you and see if they'll judge you for that.